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“Wellness is not an Accident”

Tash Kenworthy

Hey, I’m Tash.

Chocoholic. Homeschooling mum. Oil junkie!

I believe our bodies are designed to be strong and heal in the right environment. I’ve dedicated the last decade to finding what works for me. I’ve made all the mistakes, taken years following a protocol that just wasn’t for me and even tried throwing the towel in out of frustration!

Well, I’m still here, because giving up was never really an option, and if I can help someone else claim back their health and live out their years with vitality and enthusiasm – I’m a happy camper.

Right off the bat, I’m not here to ‘cure’ anything. Rather I believe that a symptom is not to be suppressed but used as messengers to help us find out whats really going on.

Here I use and recommend doTERRA oils and supplements. They are the highest quality and as they supported me through resolving chronic digestions issues, birthing at home (a zero med birth) and so much more, I’m so confident they can support you too.

So join me and lets aim to be the fittest Granny’s alive!! Lol! Yes that’s truly my goal. I want vibrant health for decades to come, to play with my grandkids unhindered with all the enthusiasm possible.

‘Wellness is not an Accident’. Tash Kenworthy

What others are saying...

“DoTerra has been a great eye opener for me. I used to reach for the pain killers as soon as I would wake up and I was forever achy. Since I have been using the oils and the supplements, I have been as healthy as a horse. I also enjoy being able to fix problems with my oils and being in charge of my health. Throw in some delicious smelling recipes for my diffusers and I am happy. I can’t stop recommending DoTerra to all my friends. Very thankful to have been invited to join the family”


Emilie Brossard

“I was tired, weak and feeling pretty hopeless with my health before doTERRA. Tash introduced me to these oils two years ago and the change is incredible. I’m so thankful for Tash’s support in helping me find natural options for my menopause symptoms and health to start enjoying my life again!
Plus, a bonus is now my hair and nails are so thick and shiny!”


Samantha Cornelius

Professional Dog Walker

“I tried, the LLV, Terrazyme and PB Assist+ from the Daily Habits Kit. I’d had poor gut health for over a year. I don’t have the best diet and we’ve had a few stresses. So I tried taking these supplements, not really knowing what they’d do, and my digestive system is completely supported. My diet or stress hasn’t changed, I’ve just added these pills and it’s been a very noticeable difference.”


Emilie Roe

“From getting my first sample to help my baby breathe easy at night, Tash helped me feel confident and empowered to use essential oils for my whole family’s health. I can’t imagine my life without doTERRA, they support my mood, immune system, energy and make my home smell amazing!

I’m so thankful I met Tash and haven’t looked back!”


Clem French


“I played around with the oils to find that perfect night time support for my struggling 8yr old. This week I finally cracked it. This girl hasn’t been able to nod off properly since January. She’s up till 11pm, won’t be alone, she’s completely wired. We changed her diet, changed her room. You name it we tried it. Last week I made a strong blend of Lavender, Deep Blue (her favourite), Roman Camomile, and Copaiba. I rolled it on her feet, navel, and back of her neck. We’re on the 5th night of peaceful sleep. Asleep from 9pm till 8am ish. My husband and I feel like we have our evenings back. We don’t know what to do.🤣🤣. Long may it last. I’ve tried Neals Yard and Young Living and never had this much success. Now I use my essential oils for everything. I love doTERRA.”


Emilie Roe

Why doTerra?

Before I got my oils kit, I researched doTERRA, phoning many UK based suppliers to see if any could compare. At the time, I was completely ignorant of what a truly pure essential oil was. Since then I’ve learnt that there’s no regulating body, so what’s printed on an essential oil label may not actually be what’s in the bottle. In fact in some cases, it can be less than 1% essential oils in the bottle (gross!). This is why doTERRA oils are 3rd party tested, for full transparency and consumer confidence.

As well as partnering with the farmers, doTERRA also have a charity called ‘The healing hands foundation’, that serves the indiginuos communities with things such as schools, wells and medical centres. I discovered that the incredible purity and potency of doTERRA oils were a direct result of their ethical worldwide sourcing, testing and scientific research development. This has given doTERRA opportunities to work hand in hand with modern healthcare and grow partnerships with world-renowned medical facilities. They are challenging health care to see each person as an individual and have a greater respect for the wellness possibilities of pure plant power.

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