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Tash Kenworthy

Most days you can find me day dreaming about food (I reeeally love to eat!), laughing at my 9 year olds bad jokes (he's our in-house comedian) and sipping a cold cup of coffee with some kind of chocolate snack!

I am mostly know for my love of all things natural and 'hippy'. Like back in the day, when I first learn about toxins, I read you could make a natural shampoo with egg yolks and olive oil. And just in case you are wondering, yes, it smells like sulfur and yes, it's pretty debatable whether your hair is actually any cleaner after this experience. Please learn from my mistake!

The things I am most passionate about are helping people find creative solutions to a problem. Like, when I see a friend struggling on Social with her headaches…I have to restrain myself because I’m so desperate to send a vial of peppermint & frankincense essential oil to her home that very second!

When I’m not busy helping others find natural solutions for their health, I love to eat (and cook…but truthfully I cook because I love to eat. Ha.) play board games – currently a favourite is the Catan! –  and hanging out with my hubby and boys in our home in Bournemouth, UK.

As a Gold doTERRA Leader our welllness tribe includes hundreds of families that have found out just how incredible doTERRA essential are for our wellness.

doTERRA give us back our ability to take charge of our health. Ready to get started?

“Wellness is not an Accident”

Tash Kenworthy

Thanks for hanging out on my website, I’d love to carry on the conversation. Did you know I post regularly on instagram? If you’d like to learn more about how to use essential oils at home, lets chat. Or if you’re curious as to how I make money from home sharing oils, read this post.

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“Deep Blue Rub, the first product I ever tried, supported a pulled intercostal muscle that nothing else had worked on. I’d been in mild discomfort for over 6 months and any wrong move or sneeze would pull it again. Doctors said rest was the only thing, but I’m a mother of three and we use these muscles just by breathing, so it never rested. I used DB Rub and with 30 minutes the ache was gone but my whole left side was still tender. After using it for 4 days, all discomfort was supported, and my husband has commented several times that I look much more flexible/relaxed. I feel amazing.”


Emilie Roe

“DoTerra has been a great eye opener for me. I used to reach for the pain killers as soon as I would wake up and I was forever achy. Since I have been using the oils and the supplements, I have been as healthy as a horse. I also enjoy being able to fix problems with my oils and being in charge of my health. Throw in some delicious smelling recipes for my diffusers and I am happy. I can’t stop recommending DoTerra to all my friends. Very thankful to have been invited to join the family”


Emilie Brossard

“I tried, the LLV, Terrazyme and PB Assist+ from the Daily Habits Kit. I’d had poor gut health for over a year. I don’t have the best diet and we’ve had a few stresses. So I tried taking these supplements, not really knowing what they’d do, and my digestive system is completely supported. My diet or stress hasn’t changed, I’ve just added these pills and it’s been a very noticeable difference.”


Emilie Roe

“doTerra has given me freedom, focus and a journey of learning and empowerment. The oils have helped me with emotional balance and healing as well as physical ailments eg colds, sickness, aches and pains. I love how there are so many ways oils can be used from perfume to medicine, cleaning to relaxation… They are my favourite indulgence and a massive part of mine and my families lives.”


Tammy Hunt

“I played around with the oils to find that perfect night time support for my struggling 8yr old. This week I finally cracked it. This girl hasn’t been able to nod off properly since January. She’s up till 11pm, won’t be alone, she’s completely wired. We changed her diet, changed her room. You name it we tried it. Last week I made a strong blend of Lavender, Deep Blue (her favourite), Roman Camomile, and Copaiba. I rolled it on her feet, navel, and back of her neck. We’re on the 5th night of peaceful sleep. Asleep from 9pm till 8am ish. My husband and I feel like we have our evenings back. We don’t know what to do.🤣🤣. Long may it last. I’ve tried Neals Yard and Young Living and never had this much success. Now I use my essential oils for everything. I love doTERRA.”


Emilie Roe

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