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Alternatively, you may need a bit more info. I totally get that, I researched doTERRA thoroughly before choosing them as my trusted wellness supplier. One of the things that sets them apart was their transparency with each area of how the company operates. Let’s look at each aspect together, so I can walk you through what I found to be a truly caring, ethical and giving company.  Below we’ll unpack these questions I get asked often:

What's all the fuss about essential oils?

How much are doTERRA oils?

Here’s a look at the most popular way to get started, buying one of our discounted  started kits. Our core 10 oils  are included in these: Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Melaleuca (Tea-Tree), Oregano, Air, On Guard, Deep Blue and ZenGest.

The smallest started kit is called the Family Essentials Kit and offers you the core 10 oils at 5ml and costs £113. The next option is our Home Essentials Kit which costs £239 and offers you 15ml bottles and comes with a cold mist diffuser.

Finally we have our Natural Solutions Kits which costs £561 and includes everything in the picture below. This is a great start for a serious wellness seeker ready to jump into the wonderful world of natural health with both feet.

how much do doterra essential oils cost in the uk

Or you can jump in with the Natural Solutions Kit:

doTERRA Natural Solutions Kit for £561 - Tash Kenworthy

Individual oils are different prices depending on how difficult it is to harvest, for example the wholesale cost of a 15ml doTERRA lemon is £9.25 as lemons grow abundantly in Italy and it’s very easy to extract and distill into essential oils. Whereas to find a sustainable and ethically sourced Frankincense oil (15ml wholesale £57) takes much greater expense and lengths as the trees need expert care to prevent overharvesting and the women need protection from abuse as they sift the resin by hand (watch this for of how Frankincense is sourced)

Is doTERRA Ethical?

Before I got my oils kit, when I was researching doTERRA, I phoned many UK based suppliers to get an idea of prices and to ask their opinion on doTERRA oils. I was told to be careful because they rip off the farmers and are unethical. I was put off to say the least, but as I love research, I decided to look into this a little more, and I realised just how hard it was to find out if ANY essential oil company was 100% ethical (let alone if their oils are a true therapeutic standard). My findings led me here which not only explains the purity and potency of doTERRA oils, but highlights the great lengths and way above average wages they pay their farmers (they even call them partners as there’s no middlemen – the farmers work together with doTERRA). Two thirds of their oils are sourced from indigenous countries native to where the plants thrive best (which is why the Organic label isn’t provided as these countries are too poor to have standardisation like that).

In 2019 I heard first hand from Grapefruit farmers at doTERRA’s European convention, who shared that before doTERRA their grapefruit oil was being bought by a fizzy drinks manufacturer. Apparently once they were not even paid for their products until 2 years later! I saw there faces beaming with gratitude as they shared how doTERRA takes such great care of them, pays well, pays on time and provides new equipment and support when needed.

And if all that isn’t enough, doTERRA have gone one step further. Because so many of their farmers are from indigenous countries such as Somalia and Haiti, they see tremendous poverty in the wider communities. To help beyond creating hundreds of job opportunities, they have a charity you can read about called healing hands. This serves to go above and beyond, giving back from our place of privilege to these communities with things such as schools, wells and medical centres. Below are two of my favourite videos to share the heartbeat and care that flows out of everything doTERRA stands for. When you buy from doTERRA, you can know you are supporting families less fortunate to have a quality of life they never thought possible.

How do I know if doTERRA (or any oils I buy) are the Real Deal?

Is doTERRA sourced ethically. How do we know it's pure essential oil.

So this is where I must admit, I was completely ignorant of what a truly pure essential oil was before doTERRA oils arrived in my home. Some can tell just by sniffing, but me, I’m a nerd at heart and needed evidence. What I know now, is that there is no regulating body ensuring that what’s printed on a label is a true representation of what’s actually in the bottle. In fact in some cases, it can be less than 1% essential oils in the bottle (the rest is usually synthetic or a cheaper filler oil). We as the consumers have no power to know what’s in the bottle.

doTERRA wanted to challenge this and give us back our confidence and ability to help our health. Some people have told me that doTERRA’s quality standards are self serving, because they want to ‘appear to be the best’, so they invented the CPTG standard in order to look better than other brands. Well, there’s some truth to this, as doTERRA certainly coined the phrase ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ or CPTG as they DO want to look better than any other oil company. But the reason we can be confident it’s not merely ‘another fake label’ is that firstly, the testing lab is a 3rd party independent facility (to have full integrity), open to use by any essential oil company in the world that wishes to check the purity of their own oils in a fair and direct comparison to doTERRA’s oil (no other company has ever chosen to be compared to doTERRA oils this way) and secondly, only by actually BEING purer and fully transparent in this way have they been given the opportunity to work hand in hand with modern healthcare and grow partnerships with world-renowned medical facilities . So I’ve learnt that CPTG is there for OUR benefit, so we are empowered to fully and confidently meet our families wellness needs.

Network marketing business model - ISN'T THAT A PYRAMID SCHEME?

Maybe you’ve been irritated by friends badgering you to buy their MLM product, or perhaps you have tried that type of business model, only to fail and feel frustrated and a little poorer than when you started.

If that’s you, I’m sorry you’ve had that experience.

The truth is YES, doTERRA sells their oils through the Network Marketing Model. And YES this has a Pyramid Structure, as does every business (CEO, Managers, employees at the bottom). Also YES, some doTERRA Wellness Advocates badger and annoy people, almost begging them to buy oils…and if you’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of experience, I can understand why you’d run like the wind.

But, give me a minute to show you why I believe Network Marketing is the best business model on the planet, and why I’m going to encourage my kids do this on the side of their career no matter what profession they choose:

So lets take a very brief look at business in general. In a normal business structure you have an owner, who pays employees. As the business grows, the employees need managers, and as it grows more, those managers need executive managers and so on. Every business on the planet has some form of pyramid formation such as this. The upside to the typical model is that the employees and managers will be on salary, a pre-agreed wage, even if they have an unproductive month. The down side, the employees would never dare dream to match the income of the owner(s) at the top. The employees will always earn far less, and if they stopped showing up to work for a month, they would be fired. They must show up, everyday until they get a different job or can retire.

Now let’s compare this to the business model of network marketing. The company compensates Wellness Advocates on their effectiveness at sharing oils and empowering families to live healthy lives, naturally. Income is generated through 5 different streams which as she shares more, will grow month by month. As her families find results with oils, they too want to help a friend, and give them the same tools to be well. This creates a snowball effect that provides income for the new sharers AND the original wellness advocate that helped them get started. DOWNSIDE: The downside to Network Marketing is that you are only paid if you are effective. So at first you will find you do lots of work and earn much less money than a regular job would pay you (hour for hour) as it takes time to learn the basics skills and to share. This is why it sometimes it’s thought of as a Pyramid scheme, because people had been promised a great income from the start (or worse they were told a lie about the true income potential ) but in doTERRA we don’t do that – it’s a company with full transparency. The incomes on the charts I share are real, but what you don’t see is the hard work leading to that point. So the downside is that Network Marketing is very hard work with delayed rewards. The upside is she can make as much income as she wants, the sky’s the limit and when she’s created a strong foundation, if she fancies taking her family travelling around Europe for 6 month, she can without fear of ‘getting fired’.

Any business will tell you it grows best through referrals from happy customers. So, when a company has a world class product, it’s going to help more lives if it’s sold by someone who’s had a great experience and wants to recommend that to a friend. It also means that the customer gets better education and support as these products are integrated into daily life.

One last thought on this topic…
Of the 9 million+ people who buy through a doterra account, over 80% are customers (not people doing the business). Most other Network Marketing companies focus heavily on recruiting and making money. But, again, a wonderful difference is that doTERRA doesn’t do this at all. Our conventions are showcasing farmers and new wells being built (rather than a new car you can win), oil education, science and research are at the forefront. We focus on helping those we love get results with oils, and if they want to dip their toes into the amazing business aspect, we’re ready to help them.

What Happens After I get My Oils?

Once you’ve ordered your oil kit and created a wholesale account you can request to join our Facebook group and I’ll be in touch to set up your wellness consultation. Also I’ll pop a welcome pack in the post (books and oils may vary but value is always around £20).

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