Buy One Get One FREE with BOGO week at doTERRA

BOGOs are coming!
Available from 24-26 February.
Our February BOGOs are perfect to provide you with the solutions to nourish, refresh, and invigorate your wellbeing at home.
Take a look at what’s coming your way!
Buy Green Mandarin (15 ml), get a FREE Yellow Mandarin (LTO) (5 ml)
Buy Pink Pepper (5 ml), get a FREE Black Pepper (5 ml)
Buy ZenGestâ„¢ (15 ml), get a FREE Wintergreen (15 ml)
Buy Blue Tansy (5 ml), get a FREE Roman Chamomile (5 ml) and Lavender (15 ml)
Buy Turmeric (15 ml), get a FREE Peppermint (15 ml)
Our BOGOs are grouped into one 72-hour promotional period. You will be able to purchase all of the offers in one order during this time. Enjoy the amazing BOGO offers, help to reduce packaging waste and save on shipping costs.
To buy your bogo, log into your account from 11pm 24th Feb, and add Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper, ZenGest, Blue Tansy and Turmeric (all of them or just the ones your want) and you’ll get the freebies added on checkout.
beginners guide to essential oils doterra uk
beginners guide to essential oils doterra uk
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