CPTG – Is doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade testing fake?

So this is where I must admit, I was completely ignorant of what a truly pure essential oil was before doTERRA oils arrived in my home. Some can tell just by sniffing, but me, I’m a nerd at heart and needed evidence. What I know now, is that there is no regulating body ensuring that what’s printed on a label is a true representation of what’s actually in the bottle. In fact in some cases, it can be less than 1% essential oils in the bottle (the rest is usually synthetic or a cheaper filler oil). We as the consumers have no power to know what’s in the bottle.

doTERRA wanted to challenge this and give us back our confidence and ability to help our health. Some people have told me that doTERRA’s quality standards are self serving, because they want to ‘appear to be the best’, so they invented the CPTG standard in order to look better than other brands. Well, there’s some truth to this, as doTERRA certainly coined the phrase ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ or CPTG as they DO want to look better than any other oil company. But the reason we can be confident it’s not merely ‘another fake label’ is that firstly, the testing lab is a 3rd party independent facility (to have full integrity), open to use by any essential oil company in the world that wishes to check the purity of their own oils in a fair and direct comparison to doTERRA’s oil (no other company has ever chosen to be compared to doTERRA oils this way) and secondly, only by actually BEING purer and fully transparent in this way have they been given the opportunity to work hand in hand with modern healthcare and grow partnerships with world-renowned medical facilities . So I’ve learnt that CPTG is there for OUR benefit, so we are empowered to fully and confidently meet our families wellness needs.

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