Are all essential oils created equally…how do I know?

So this is where I must admit, I was completely ignorant of what a truly pure essential oil was before doTERRA oils arrived in my home. Some can tell just by sniffing, but me, I’m a nerd at heart and needed evidence. What I know now, is that there is no regulating body ensuring that what’s printed on a label is a true representation of what’s actually in the bottle. In fact in some cases, it can be less than 1% essential oils in the bottle (the rest is sometimes synthetic or a cheaper filler oil). We as the consumers have no power to know what’s in the bottle, unless we can find a company we can trust.

Pre Feb 2017 (aka the month I bought my dōTERRA oils) I was an essential oils novice and just thought they were used to fragrance a room. But I was wondering why they worked so much better than other oils I’d previously bought? Why I could safety drink them and had improved digestion, less discomfort, better relaxation and an uplifted mood in seconds.
I can’t speak to other oils, but this is why I was getting (and still get) such incredible results from dōTERRA:

💧‘Certified Pure Tested Grade’ or CPTG is the testing process which is over 53 different tests for effectiveness & purity.

💧choose artisan farms (500 independent lavender farms over one big cheaper version) for far superior quality plant.

💧pay growers well, which provides incentives for them to produce better quality plants = better oils 🤸‍♀️

💧they care about consumer confidence and test even the water used to wash the testing equipment- ❤️
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A little more about CPTG…

So doTERRA  coined the phrase ‘Certified Pure Tested Grade’ or CPTG as they want to set their standard as high as possible. They go to great lengths and expense in to check the purity and effectiveness of each and every batch of oil. By pushing the industry standard in creating purer oil and having full transparent in this way, they have been given the opportunity to work hand in hand with modern healthcare too – partnerships with world-renowned medical facilities. 

Since doTERRA was born we also have had a 600% increase in medical literature surrounding oils and wellness – doTERRA works hard for our health. I’ve learnt that CPTG is there for the consumers benefit, so we are empowered to fully and confidently meet our families wellness needs. Ready to be empowered to be a healer in your home? A great start is a box and a book, buy your box and I’ll gift you the book 🙂

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