Diffuse Essential Oils at home to boost motivation!

Do you diffuse?

I started with just lavender and frankincense in my little massage room. Then when I got my doTERRA oils in 2017, I learnt that diffusing oils offer so much.

We can make out homes smell amazing – but that’s only the beginning. Now I use oils in my diffuser for so many other beneficial reasons too, from immune support, cleaning the air, raising my mood and helping my kids sleep…the possibilities go on and on…

So this little recipe was recommended to me by a friend as we wanted to incorporate Lemon Eucalyptus, a more unusual oils – but with great qualities including its ability to help us feel more resilient and affirmed. It’s similar to citronella, so needs sweetening up. The Grapefruit and lime do a wonderful job. In this mini clip below you’ll see I use this recipe:

2 drops Grapefruit, 2 drops Lime and 1 drop Lemon Eucalyptus.

It motivated me on a Monday morning to do my cleaning and feel ready for everything I had planned. I think a drop of peppermint would also be a nice experiment to add also…playing with oils is the most fun!

What’s your fav recipe?

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