doTERRA – a closer look.

When I first heard of doTERRA, it was from a blogger in the USA. She was explaining how ZenGest (a blend of different essential oils to aid digestion) helped her when she overindulged at a restaurant.

I remember thinking – cool, I’d love to have that oil in my handbag to use when I dine out. But, at the time I didn’t know as a Brit these oils were easy for me to source (we actually have a warehouse in Heathrow – so it’s simple!).

Fast forward 7 years and I’m buying that oil, and relieving a very uncomfortable¬† (lets say very s l o w) digestive issue by drinking one drop in a glass of water each day. And from that moment on, I was hooked, helped and empowered to share my solutions with others.

And after experiencing just how incredible there oils and supplements are for myself I wanted to learn more about the heart of the company.

Key points:

  • doTERRA is 100% dept free. From this solid foundation of financial freedom, doTERRA can invest wisely and generously into making the best oils in the world.
  • doTERRA have created sustainable and ethically sourced partnerships with independent farmers. This is good because, no middle man taking away income from the farmers and doTERRA can be very picky with there oil quality.
  • Organic certification wasn’t high enough. Organic oils are good, but for doTERRA they needed more. Most countries where the plants grow naively did not have that kind of legal certification. doTERRA knew there testing system and the product quality would speak for itself, so they disregarded the label and just when out to source the BEST plants grown in the best environment (this always is pesticide and toxin free) and to find out more there source to you website is fab.
  • As doTERRA has experienced success, they have be able to give back and help. They have the healing hands foundation and co-impact sourcing that serves the growers and the communities that are less fortunate in a variety of ways. And they match any donation to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), plus have built rehab centres for sex trafficked victims saved each year through OUR.

As well as the above we have the beautiful business model they chose, network marketing. This allows people like me, a pregnant mum with 6 year old, to feel able to begin a side hustle to create an income stream around my other commitments. Fast forward 3 years (I got my account in Feb 2017) and I am a Gold leader earning a great income during lock-down! I earned more money during lock down than I have in my entire life and didn’t even leave my house. Life changing, or what.

I’m grateful everyday for doTERRA, for both the oils I can use to help my family feel safe and well, and the business opportunity that eased our financial worries during a world crisis.

I’d love to help you feel this way too, and get to know you more. Say hello here.

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