doTERRA Essential Oils – How and why are they Safe and Effective?

When all we have inside an essential oil bottle is 100% pure plant extract. And when the plant has been grown in the purest and most fertile growing conditions, all we are left with is the safest and most effective drops of essential oil in the world.

This is what doTERRA set out to do from the very beginning. Watch this to learn more:

So, thanks co-impact sourcing efforts, the farmers are partners and help us to create the highest quality essential oils possible. And, because doTERRA care that we feel completely in control of our health, they went a step further and created a testing protocol that makes all the other essential oils companies go running!

CPTG (certified, pure, therapeutic grade) is a voluntary and very costly extra step doTERRA puts there oils through. It’s not required by law (there is zero regulations with essential oils, so what’s printed on a label isn’t necessarily what’s in the bottle) and they have rejected organic oil batched that passed organic certification on site (but not when doTERRA tested them), so this is not able a label, it’s about consumer confidence. We can trust doTERRA oils to do what we expects now and in the future.

These two unique and beyond thorough components are what set doTERRA apart. They work hand in hand with the farmers (they even have a charity to give back to the less fortunate communities we partner with) and there testing model of CPTG ensures that not only are they pure TODAY, but will continue to be the purest and more effective essentials oils in the future. They welcome competition from other oil companies, and have an open invitation for them to be CPTG tested too – as if another oil tests better, they can analyse why and better there own oil to too. So far no other company have chosen to do this.

Back to basics.

So, we’ve shared how doTERRA oils are pure, now lets look at how essential oils work in our bodies for our health. If you have it grab a drop of peppermint essential oil (need a sample?), let the oil drop onto the palm of your hand (or a tissue if you are sensitive), rub your hand together and then avoiding direct contact with your eyes, breathe in deeply from your hands (or the tissue). Feel how your airways are opened up, your mind is brought into the present moment and able to focus. Try to breathe deeply from the single drop of peppermint for 30 seconds (most can’t manage this!), rub the excess into a tight muscle or over your hair for clarity and to ease head discomfort.

From your hands (or the tissue) rub your middle finger and then taste the delicious, cool and refreshing peppermint. Isn’t it delicious? Imagine this in hot chocolate or your next batch of brownies, right?! Ummmmm…

Congratulations, you’ve had your first doTERRA essential oil experience!! Let me know how what you thought! (if you didn’t have peppermint oil to try along with this, request a sample).

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Next time we’ll look at why essential oils are effective for our health – see you then.

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