Four Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

Here are four of my BEST tips for overcoming overwhelm – I hope they help you!

Knowledge is all about understanding yourself. Being ok not being ok. Being kind to yourself and talking to yourself as if you were soothing a best friend.

Clarity! Get everything out of your head. Brain Dump. Every last thought, so you have room to breath and focus on just one task at a time. Anymore than this creates stress on our subconscious.

Action. Get a QUICK win. Shower, walk in the sunshine, use oils (oil quick tip at the bottom of this post), mini clean up. Then it’s easier to do what you did last – so getting an easy quick win in the bank, unfolds potential for more and more successful actions to follow. The momentum is contagious!

Belief – You CAN do XYZ…. What if you believed in yourself, your uniqueness, your ability to succeed? I believe in you, I believe you’re uniquely and wonderfully made. You have the tools and abilities to change the trajectory of your life, whether that’s having more happy days, or getting paid to do what you love everyday. These results are made possible when we BELIEVE in them. So permission to believe you CAN!

And I believe in you – if you’d like be mentored by me to find wellness tool, or turn your passion into purpose with doTERRA – get in touch!

30 second oil break tip: