Kids 30 day Cleanse with doTERRA

This protocol is a great way to support children as they detox. Our bodies all require extra support and children are no different.

Below is a more detailed list of exactly how to do the cleanse. Remember to ask your trusted medical professional and learn about the doTERRA products a little before giving them to your children


And here are some links incase, like me, you love to research the bajebus out of everything!

Nourishing Traditions cook book
Real Food by Nina Planck
GAPS diet
 (not mentioned, but this is a detox diet protocol)

Berkey Water filter
Epsom Salt
Activated Charcoal
Dry brush

Health research:
Tracey Woodruff
Pregnancy toxin article
Interesting article on DDT
Pubmed article on adverse reactions
San Francisco article
doterra article on toxic load

Extra videos:
Box Breathing
Binders interview with a medical Dr

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