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Launch your own doTERRA business!

I’d love to help you get off to a great start! Join our next team Launch Camp to get off to a flying start! Request to be on the waitlist for our next one here.

So what makes a success doTERRA business? I believe anyone can do this biz, but here are a few things that make it easier:

A love or finding natural options for health and wellness. Bonus if you find it impossible to keep those findings to yourself! LOL! I’m the one rubbing the oil on my nephews face when he has a tumble…just can’t help it!!
It’s impossible for me to keep doTERRA to myself, it’s too good not to share, so the business side was a match made in heaven for me.
The next really useful ingredient is ambition. A desire to create extra income to support yourself in a whole new way. Would an extra £XXX/month be massive for you? Does the idea of creating money in a new way excite you? 
My initial goal was to replace my massage therapy income, so I could quit that job. At the time I didn’t have a clue how to do it and it took a little longer to achieve than I wanted – mostly because I made so many mistake (I’ll help you avoid these!) – but because I kept at it I got there and then some!!
Then we have skillset. Best way to develop skills is to begin and earn as you go. The skills that are really helpful are making friends, being a good listener, being passionate about the oils and the doTERRA lifestyle and helping friends get started with there own wholesale account. In the Launch Camp  we’ve created baby steps for success, and encourage you find your strengths to honouring your natural abilities and have the most fun sharing doTERRA!
I’m excited to support you as cheer you on towards success!!
Got a question? Email me here: contact@tashkenworthy.co.uk or WhatsApp.
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