Oil Biz

Three years in and I can honestly say – I LOVE WHAT I DO!

I was going to type instead ‘I love my job’, but it’s not really a job at all, and ‘work’ just feels so boring! lol.
So what exactly DO I do?

Well…it’s definitely not rocket science but it’s the BEST thing in the world! I wake up excited to help others find a natural solution to a health issue and live each day with a little more attention to their wellness. And also (I enjoy this bit JUST as much) I support those in my tribe of wellness seekers who long for change, who are ready to work hard to create a business that gives them a time freedom they have only dreamt about.

Wondering if it’s a good fit for you? Let me know how many of these statements have you nodding your head:

  • I love using Natural Solutions for health issues.
  • Finding new ways to improve my health is like a hobby.
  • Buying ethically is important to me.
  • I love helping others find natural solutions to health and wellness.
  • To create an income that allows me to be flexible with me time would be incredible.

Fancy chatting more about it?

Book a 10 minute zoom call and I can answer your questions.

I’m excited to help you learn how doTERRA can serve you with this opportunity to share your passion for wellness, and free your time to spend it with those you love.

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