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My story wouldn’t be the same without the valley’s. The tough years gave birth to who you see on here now. Yep, the girl who wears tops inside out and has life completed sorted – not! Hopefully your not here for perfectly made home pics…and even more hopefully, you’re here because you can feel it. The feeling you get when yo know there’s got to be another option. And just maybe, this crazy, raw milk drinking girl has a piece of the jigsaw.

Travel back in time with me to my early twenties. A time I LOVED, I trained as a Massage therapy, married my best friend, and we set up home together. It was exciting, but there was a period I’d prefer to not talk about. For what seemed like no reason, I experienced massive amounts of stress, and as time went on this became insomnia, anxiety and a type of depression. I actually went for an entire week without sleep. An. Entire. Week.

It was painful.

I was sooooo grateful for the prescriptions that helped me through. And friends and family – especially Mark. This type of illness effects everyone involved, it’s cruel and apparently unrelenting.

I always will be grateful for the help I received. Always seek help. Always.

After that time, I developed a curiosity. Like a thought in your mind you can’t shake off…’could I have prevented that pain’. Don’t hear me wrong – I’m grateful for the whole experience, it made me ask these questions. And the questions led me to dip my toes in to the world of holistic health.

And, it’s like I found my mission. I guess, without realising it I had always loved helping other feel better. The very nature of massage therapy is to help someone else feel well. This was just a new approach.

Every tiny aspect of life is intricately woven together to create a person. The food, the people, the job, the atmosphere, the soul. Every tiny part builds the whole. .
So stress in one place, at work for example, is stored by the body (I feel it as tight muscles in my massage therapy work). It has a negative effect, that is like a domino effect on the bodies ability to cope with stress, absorb food and rebuild cells.

So, when I look back at the root cause of the insomnia, I can see it began YEARS before I developed the physical issue. I wish I could travel back in time and teach myself healthy practices like, relaxation, reading, movement, getting outdoors, eating real food, laughing, whole-food supplements, diffusing oils and planning fun. I would LOVE to change my story, but as I can’t do that, maybe I can offer some hope to another.

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