The Truth about Network Marketing.

Are you a skeptic?

I’ve certainly heard some stories that would send me running for the hills. But, if you”ll give me a few minutes, let’s look a little closer at this business model called Network Marketing.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of network marketing done poorly, it’s very likely you’ll have a bad feeling towards either the person and/or the company they represented. In a way, it’s a little like going to a restaurant and experiencing bad service, you’ll definitely not be in a hurry to return and may even tell others to give it a miss to. But, hopefully, it wouldn’t stop you dining out elsewhere and enjoying the act of visiting restaurants.

I’ve had friends put off buying doTERRA due to a negative experience from years ago. Other friends afraid to share life changing products because they’d be representing a Network Marketing company (even though they LOVE the product!). It’s a common enough thought, so I thought I’d share my experience and hope to free any misconceptions. As I LOVE Network Marketing just as much as I love the oils!

Lets explore this blurry and very misunderstood business model.

One quick note as I’m writing, I wanted to add: Like so many things in life, we can be tempted to find a short cut to success, and my experience shows me that this is the main reason why people are hurt here, they are thinking of themselves, rather than who they can help.

Jump to the bottom to read my explanation of how networking marking done well is a viable and exceptional business model.  But first lets take a closer look a jobs, home business and compare network marketing together.


In a typical job there is a CEO then Managers and at the bottom, employees. The perks are a steady income with sick pay/holiday pay and the negative would be you could never out earn the CEO and you’ll not be paid if you stopped showing up. And you’ll need to keep showing up to work, year in and year out until you can afford to retire.

Start-up Business

Next, here a typical home business model. There’s a large start-up cost as you buy products, supplies, advertise, a venue, staff, flyers, website etc. According to Forbes only ‘80% of small businesses survive the first year’ and from the 20% left ‘Only about half of small businesses survive passed the five-year mark’. And even if they are the minority who are successful, many take no actual income for a long time as they become established.

And let’s look now at Network-marketing:

To begin with, it’s upside down, as you are at the top of your own organisation from the word go. You are the boss. And also opposite, in that you are actually paying to have this career, this is because initially you are buying your product and a few extra items as samples and your customer base begins at zero. In truth you only earn money when you become affective at sharing how to get a result with your product and helping others get started. So, at first you put in effort to learn, plan, share, but the income is only seen when you find your feet and master the basics. It took my 17 months to rank Silver. Early on my income was extremely low, but now for the SAME effort I earn x10 what I was earning 4 years ago. So if I’d given up in month 16, I may always believe that Network Marketing ‘doesn’t work’. 

Some call this a ‘4 year career’, and I think that’s a GREAT description, as the rewards come to those who can consistently work WITHOUT an immediate payoff. It’s there sustained effective behaviour that grows a strong, income and most says it’s as you hit the 4 year mark in a Network marketing business that something shifts. Your income begins to exceed the hours you are working. You have tipped over and are beginning to reap the rewards of your hard work. And truthfully, when your business is mature enough, if you want to travel around the world for a year with your family, you have this time freedom as you are no longer paid on the effort you put in (rather on the effort you put in those first 4+ years).

Rather than being a scheme, it’s a delayed income stream that suits those willing to be consistent, working hard for delayed rewards. Self motivation and development go hand in hand (that another reason I LOVE this business), as we grow inside in determination, hope, purpose and passion to serve others and change lives.

It’s not for everyone, but I believe Network Marketing is the best business model on the planet, and the income we’ve receive this last year during a pandemic has been an absolute God send. I’m grateful everyday for the oils and my most fulfilling work I get to do.


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